Akira Kato

Akira Kato - SHSL Mathematician

Akira Kato is a character featured in The New Killing Game SYOC

His title is Super High School Level Mathematician.

He murdered Kuu Hachimitsu in Chapter 3 while working as an accomplice for Kuro Hinori, before murdering Kuro too. Akira was found guilty in the class trial and was executed.


Akira is 5 foot 9 inches and weighs 140lbs. He has very pale skin and an average build. He has straight black hair and green eyes beneath his trifocal glasses.

He dresses in a brown collared shirt with a metal necklace with different mathematical symbols, suspenders, black jeans and brown shoes.


Akira is self centred, stubborn, arrogant, cold, blunt, reserved. While other mean students tend to have a couple of redeeming factors, Akira has practically none.


Prior to Hopes Peak Academy




Chapter 1: First Blood


Chapter 2: Trauma and Recovery


Chapter 3: Depression and Desperation



Main Article: Calculate This!



Panic Talk Action Remarks



  • Akira is the first murderer to feel no regret for his killing.
  • Akira is the first murderer to attack someone before his execution.
  • Akira is the first murderer in The New Killing Game SYOC to not use any Panic Talk Action Remarks.
  • Akira's execution is the first execution which was done to prevent a rule from being broken, as Akira was trying to kill Tomoyo and Ryuji.
    • In addition, his execution is the first one to take place in the courtroom.

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