Danganronpa: The Forgotten Future takes place after Danganronpa 3: The End Of Hope's Peak Academy Side/Future & Side/Hope where Hope's Peak Academy is now reopened by Makoto Naegi and Kyoko Kirigiri. They have been able to find and scout new students for the new academy, however something lurks in the shadows of the blossoming school. Someone is out for the next SHSL Students and the hope they bring the new world. Unfortunately, the newest students whose talents have never been seen before, are the next targets. Who is becoming the next Junko Enoshima and what is to become of the newest students of the new Hope's Peak Academy?



  • Shadou Hideyoshi- The Main Protaganist, Super High School Level Lucky Student, got accepted into Hope's Peak Academy after his wealthy parents paid the school over a million dollars, he is a bit unscocial but acts tough to help people he cares about, he can get get very worked up when others mistreath his friends and family
  • Super High School Level Basketball Player
  • Super High School Level Surfer
  • Super High School Level Archer
  • Super High School Level Designer
  • Super High School Level Drug Dealer
  • Super High School Level Sharphooter


  • Kotomi Kuromeru Super High School Level Witch, a very shy and untalkative girl, she if frequently accused of being weird, creepy, and untrustworthy because she is a witch and an expert on all thing paranormal, she brings her stuffed bear Aiko almost everywhere she goes
  • Super High School Level Hairstylist
  • Super High School Level Cheerleader
  • Super High School Level Polynesian Dancer
  • Super High School Level Hacker
  • Super HIgh School Level Triple Threat

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